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Time Machine Underwriters is the first Managing General Agency (MGA) specialized in Warranty & Indemnity insurance in Japan.


We provide underwriting services on behalf of Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company as a MGA.


表明保証保険の実務(第2版) ―M&Aにおける新しいリスクマネジメント手法

Practice of W&I Insurance (2nd Edition)

Author: Kosuke Inada, Kenichi Ko and Toshifumi Kajiwara
Publication: 14 February 2024


  • 2/15/2024

    The book by Kosuke Inada and Toshifumi Kajiwara, “Practice of W&I Insurance (2nd Edition)”, was published from Kinzai Institute for Financial Affairs.


  • 11/10/2023

    The comments by our CEO, Kosuke Inada, was posted in the article, “Demand for domestic M&A cover rises in Japan as cross-border activity falls” on the (Re) in Asia October 31,2023. https://reinasia.com/demand-for-domestic-manda-cover-rises-japan-while-crossborder-activity-falls-unlocked/

  • 12/15/2022

    Kosuke Inada was invited as a main speaker with Marsh Japan for the seminar “The Latest Practice of W&I Insurance including Risk Management after the Closing” held by the Japan Private Equity Association (JPEA). https://jpea.group/english/committee/knowledge-sharing-committee/